Studio and art department
Experineced graphi desingner that create
affective persuasive marketing
PEPL offers a superior network of graphic
designers with proven experience .our
professional creative talents design studio
quality work using the latest design techniques
and soft wear, and a multy step evolution
process to ensure that design will be effective
at achieves results.

we produce high quality art work for print
production as both design and print processes
take place under one roof ,you can be assured
of the very best image in print at a very
affordable price.
Customer service
At PEPL Customer Service is serious Business, ensuring that we make a Conscious effort to manage the expectations created in customers and always endeavour to meet or exceed these expectations. Every customer call into PEPL is documented, every inquiry is answered, every requst put to us we endeavour to comply.a stringent set of processes coupled with high end,time saving technology goes into ensuring that our customers are truly sarved We strongly focus on the promise of quality in the printing effort and the promise of timely delivery, with our performance bench marks recording a 100% satisfaction in terms of quality and delivery always on the date promised

Mihiri Priyanthi
Executive/Confidential secretary
Madavi kanchana
Executive -Human Resource
Kasun Malinga
Executive -Client service